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Надувной шатер 10х10

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1 год5 лет
Товар произведен в Российской Федерации и допущен к закупкам по программе «Импортозамещение»
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Дополнительные опции
Floors, decks, carpets
Our company provides a full range of services for the sale, rental and installation of mountable-and-dismountable stages, podiums, floors, decking.
Input groups
If necessary, we provide our clients with input groups (doors, curtains, drop-curtains).
We will select the right heaters specifically for your tasks, because a warm premise is one of the important indicators of comfort.
Rental tents in the summer season involves air conditioning of the premises to create the most comfortable atmosphere for guests.
To carry out activities in the dark time, we have a large choice of lighting products.
Printing on the tent is ideal for conferences, cultural events and any other events.
We have a large selection of restaurant, retail and office furniture for various events.
We offer you a unique service - rental of premium-class toilet cabins, completely changing the idea of the toilet.
If necessary, we provide our clients with input groups (doors, curtains, drop-curtains).
Delivery, installation
Delivery and installation of tents is carried out in any place of UAE, near and far abroad (Gulf region).
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